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clang based documentation generator for C and C++

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Generating site

When you have written your documentation, it’s time to generate the resulting website. cldoc was written with minimal configuration to your exist project in mind. The main cldoc command is the following:

cldoc generate [CXXFLAGS] -- [options] [files]

The CXXFLAGS are the flags used for compiling your project files. All flags passed before the -- are passed along to the compiler. Normally you can use the flags from your build system and pass them directly. options are cldoc specific options (more details below). Finally, files are the remaining command arguments and are the C++ headers and sources of your project.

Main available options

The following are the main options used for generating documentation. See cldoc generate --help for all options.

Merging external documentation

External documentation can be merged by specifying a directory with the --merge option. All .md files in that directory will be merged when the documentation is generated. It can sometimes be useful to filter files to be merged, for example to automatically transform some custom markdown content. To do so, you can specify a program using --merge-filter which receives the path to file as its first argument and should output the filtered content on stdout.